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    Local Asheville Development, Whisper Mountain, Chosen For Southern Living Inspired Communities

Local Asheville Development, Whisper Mountain, Chosen For Southern Living Inspired Communities

Hand-picked to showcase Southern Living lifestyle, Whisper Mountain breathes renewed spirit into the Asheville real estate market.
Asheville, NC – With the housing market bouncing back and much of the activity based in the South,* Southern Living announces the launch of Southern Living Inspired Communities, a unique collection of residential developments featuring seven founding members across five Southern states (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee) that exemplify the Southern Living lifestyle.
Southern Living Inspired Communities editors hand-picked neighborhoods marked by charm, taste, and Southern spirit that embody a distinctive pride of place. Whisper Mountain embraces the natural beauty of the Southern landscape, displays the best of Southern Living inspired architecture, and hosts an environments that fosters communal gatherings.
“Whisper Mountain is a magical place. The craftsmanship and preservation of the rich mountain history creates a unique setting to call home,” said Owner Charlie Ball. “The community is home to the 2008 Southern Living Idea House and 2009 Southern Living Giveaway House and are honored to have been chosen to be part of Southern Living Inspired Communties.”
Homes and homesites are available for purchase within the gated development, located 17 miles northwest of Asheville. This forward thinking community offers a place where humanity and nature thrive in delicate symmetry, and upholds the standard of smart living choices
Additional members of  the Southern Living Inspired Communities include:

Old Town (Columbus, GA):  A New Neighborhood that Honors the Past.  This charming Southern town is a shining example of New Urbanism where day-to-day activities are all walkable.


Habersham (Beaufort, SC): Waterfront Living in the Lowcountry. Awarded the “Best Neighborhood Design in America” by the National Association of Home Builders, this coastal town was designed by Duany Plater-Zyberk and Company, champion of New Urbanism.

Cloudland […]

Mountain Real Estate Delivers Mountain Adventure

For a host of reasons, the Blue Ridge Mountains have become something of a relocation hotspot, partly because Asheville, NC real estate is among the best buys in the country, and also partly because the area offers so very much for so very many different types of people.
Asheville itself is a thriving urban community with a vital arts scene, great restaurants, stunning architecture and a growing job market. But the area also offers a wealth of outdoor recreational activities for those seeking some wilder, more rugged mountain adventure to go along with their mountain real estate.
Hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Hot Springs is a town about 40 minutes north of Asheville, named for the hot mineral springs found in the area (in fact, it is the only place in the Southeastern United States with hot mineral spring water), but for all of the town’s many attributes, perhaps its most exciting is the hiking trails found nearby.

Hot Springs sits at the junction of the Appalachian Trail and the French Broad River, and is surrounded by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Pisgah National Forest. Sections of the famous Appalachian National Scenic Trail run through the area, and one can plan a hike of virtually any length, with any agenda: you could go for a picnic, set out to absorb breathtaking mountain views, hike aggressively to cover ground…or just take a leisurely, long afternoon stroll.
Mountain Climbing and Mountain Biking
For those seeking more of an adrenaline rush, the Blue Ridge Mountains—as one might expect—also provide some of the best and most accessible mountain climbing in the country, including guided rock- and mountain-climbing experiences that can be catered to any level of climber: from novice to expert. For […]

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    Create New North Carolina Mountain Homes from Pioneer Homesteads

Create New North Carolina Mountain Homes from Pioneer Homesteads

The concept of “green” living has become quite ubiquitous today, both in the media and our everyday lives. Virtually everything has green possibilities and implications, from diapers to dry cleaning to dental sealants. Needless to say, going green is not the sole motivating factor behind the popular trend of creating new homes from pioneer homesteads, but it certainly is a big one.

“By building new houses from antique barns, cabins, homesteads and the like, we’re leaving a significantly smaller environmental footprint,” says Charlie Ball, developer for Whisper Mountain in Marshall, North Carolina. Along with wife Troy, Charlie is responsible for Whisper Mountain: a community of North Carolina mountain homes just outside of Asheville, which features some of these environmentally-friendly buildings, crafted from antique materials.

The basics of such an approach are rather simple: locate an antique structure in a state beyond repair—a farmhouse, perhaps, or a log cabin—carefully disassemble it, piece by piece, then use those pieces—the logs, the beams—as the basis for a carefully-constructed and new North Carolina mountain home.

“It may not seem significant, but such an approach is tremendously eco-friendly,” says Ball of the western North Carolina real estate for which he is responsible, as well as the trend as a whole. “By using less new lumber, you’re taking a smaller toll on our natural woodland resources. What’s more, by using antique materials, you are, in no uncertain terms, recycling. This doesn’t even take into account the fumes and emissions you’re reducing by not taking down trees with gas-powered chainsaws and similar tools.”
North Carolina Mountain Homes Offer Wide Appeal
But “greenliness” alone does not explain the appeal of Ball’s western North Carolina mountain property. More eye-catching, certainly, is the aesthetic beauty of those antique materials, […]

Asheville NC Real Estate: The Florida Connection

Whether chased north by heat, hurricanes, or rising property-tax and flood insurance costs, Floridians continue to flock to the mountains of western North Carolina for permanent or second homes. Their homes in Florida can be of outstanding quality, especially if they are sold through Round Table Realty, but sometimes some Floridians are looking for an extra home further north.

Here are some reasons why Floridians continue to seek out that perfect piece of Asheville North Carolina real estate.
Mountain Real Estate Provides Health Benefits
Florida’s connection to the mountains of North Carolina dates back to the late 19th century. Health records show that people who could afford it began to leave coastal Florida each summer to escape the deadly yellow fever. Others came here for the coveted mountain climate and to battle tuberculosis. The mountains of western North Carolina have long been sought out for their restorative properties. Properties in America are beautiful, if you are looking for some real estate to invest in then you will want the assistance of an incredible real estate agent such as WilliamPitt, they will be able to help you search for the perfect property!

There was a real estate boom happening in south Florida in the 20s in towns like Palm Beach and Miami. As a result, Asheville city officials persuaded federal officials to route the Blue Ridge Parkway through North Carolina.

Throughout the 20th century, Asheville’s real estate fortunes were tied closely to Florida’s. Many people moving to the area were affectionately called “half-backs.” This term refers to people who came from the north or Midwest, moved to Florida, and then only made it “half-way back.”

The Appalachian mountain climate plays a big role in luring our southern friends to the […]

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    Why Purchase a Property Near Asheville: What’s the Buzz About?

Why Purchase a Property Near Asheville: What’s the Buzz About?

Asheville, North Carolina has received a great deal of positive press over the past five years. Asheville is not just known for being a resort destination, but a fantastic place to live, work, or retire. The Asheville lifestyle emphasizes outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, birding, fishing, and kayaking, with an abundance of wilderness areas to explore in the Appalachian and Great Smoky Mountains.

In September 2004, National Geographic Adventure Magazine selected Asheville as one of “Ten Great Adventure Towns”; in 2007; Frommer’s listed Asheville as a top-ten travel destination; and Outside Magazine voted it one of “30 Best Towns in America” to live. One does not have to be an outdoorsman to experience the joy that Asheville has to offer. There are a host of reasons to sing praises of Asheville, a small American town nestled in the mountains of North Carolina with a rising international reputation.
Green Living Grows Out of Necessity in and Near Asheville
Asheville is also becoming widely known as a locus for several important movements that are gaining in popularity at the onset of the 21st Century. These include: organic farming, farm-to-table food, green building, the exploration of alternative energy sources, and sustainable living. These green living lifestyle choices are easily fueled in Asheville because of the abundance of open space, the multitude of small farmers, the Appalachian Mountain farmer’s history of independence, and the need to conserve resources in the interest of economy. These types of green living lifestyles are being demonstrated in and around Asheville and throughout the Western North Carolina region. A large percentage of Asheville residents integrate eco-friendly practices into their daily lives, making the city a leader in “going green.”
Business is Booming in Asheville, North Carolina
Asheville […]